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Common engineering problems and solutions of textured paint
Category: Common problem
Date: 2019-11-16
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Author: 福萊特
There are also some factories that use natural color sand to color textured paint with rich and lifelike colors, which gives people a good visual effect. It has strong texture and rough surface.

1. Common local or overall blooming in Engineering

2. Flower caused by improper treatment of basic level

(1) because the texture paint shows the effect of sand accumulation in front of people, and some manufacturers in order to pursue more natural simulation effect, the sand used for the texture paint is crushed by natural ore, which is transparent or translucent, with relatively poor covering power. In this case, if there is color difference in the uneven color of the base layer, after finishing the texture paint, it will cause the surface layer to flower because the texture paint can not cover the base color. (2) during the construction of the project, mortar putty is used for leveling the base course, which is alkaline system. The pH value is over 13. If the maintenance of the base course fails to meet the standard, the alkali of the base course will migrate with the volatilization of water. When the texture paint construction is completed, the alkali of the base course will move to the surface of the texture paint and cause blooming.

Solution: the treatment of the base course is particularly important before the construction of the textured paint. Before the construction, the floating ash and oil stain of the base course shall be cleaned. After the treatment, the sealing primer shall be painted to seal the alkali of the base course in the base course. Although this step can play a certain role, it is impossible to completely seal the alkali of the base course. When the maintenance of the base course fails to meet the standard, the alkali will still pan, so the maintenance of the base course is of vital importance Yes. Base maintenance standard: pH < 10, humidity < 10%, 28 days in winter, 14 days in summer. After the sealing primer dries, the primer with covering power shall be applied to balance the color of the base layer. During the application, it must be uniform to avoid the flower caused by the leakage of the textured paint, and the amount of the textured paint on the surface layer can also be saved. Once the project is completed, it is difficult to repair such flowers, so we can only do it again.

21112 flower caused by improper construction

(1) scaffolds are mostly used in construction sites with textured paint. After the removal of scaffolds with textured paint, there will be traces of scaffolds on the wall or flowers caused by joints during construction at different times. (2) each worker's construction technology level is different, and different construction methods will cause different surface effects of texture paint. When the texture paint is completely dry, local or overall blooming will occur. (3) construction in different weather will also cause the blooming of texture paint. Because the paint is waterborne paint, water is used as the dispersing medium, synthetic emulsion is used as binding agent, and it is greatly affected by the natural environment. When the temperature is too low, the construction of the lacquer will cause the paint can not become a film or film is not good and flower.

Solution: the construction of texture paint shall be carried out with hanging basket as much as possible, and the construction joint shall be left at the grid line. If there is no grid joint, it shall be left at the invisible places such as the internal and external corners as much as possible. When the joint inevitably occurs, it can be pasted with masking paper at the interface. After the construction is completed, the masking paper shall be torn off, and then the finished part shall be pasted with masking paper, so as to avoid irregular joint. Before construction, the workers shall be trained to standardize the construction methods. At the same time, protect the doors and windows and other items, and avoid cross construction during construction to prevent mutual pollution. Construction environment of textured paint: ensure that the ambient temperature is above 5 ℃, the relative humidity is less than 80%, the construction is not allowed in the windy weather above level 4, nor in the foggy weather, rainy day or the weather that is about to rain. Pay more attention to the weather forecast before construction.

The hair of 21113 texture paint

There are all kinds of texture paints in the market. The texture paints made by different manufacturers are different. Most manufacturers use color paste to color, and the performance and weather resistance of each color paste are different. Using low-grade color paste or organic color paste is easy to fade and cause flower. There are also some factories that use natural color sand to color textured paint with rich and lifelike colors, which gives people a good visual effect. However, because it is made from natural stone ore crushing, and the natural mineral resources are limited, and the color difference in different mining areas is large, so there is color difference between different batches of textured paint. The synthetic color sand is rich in color, and the problem of color difference is very small, but the color retention is not good and easy to fade, and the weather resistance is not as good as the natural color sand. The properties of the base material used in the textured lacquer are quite different. The low-grade emulsion is not good in water resistance and weather resistance. After being caught in the rain, it will become white and yellowing after the wind and sun.

Solution: the project budget in the early stage is very important during the construction of textured paint project. According to the consumption per square meter, calculate the consumption of textured paint on each wall, and try to reduce the ordering batch of textured paint. Because in the production of textured paint, the materials from the same batch will not have color difference, and there may be color difference between batches. During the construction, try to avoid the construction of different batches of materials on the same wall. As far as the quality of the paints is concerned, it is necessary to use the emulsion with pure acrylic properties. Considering the cost problem, most manufacturers use styrene acrylic emulsion, but choose the emulsion with high cost performance as far as possible when choosing the emulsion, or use styrene acrylic emulsion and pure acrylic emulsion. When using textured paint, excessive mixing of water should be avoided. As textured paint is toned with color paste, excessive mixing of water can easily cause textured paint to bloom.

Flower caused by 21114 mask

Texture paint shows the effect of sand accumulation in people's vision. It has strong texture and rough surface. The defect is that it is easy to accumulate ash in the natural environment and not easy to clean. In order to improve its stain resistance, usually after the texture paint is completely dry, the surface is covered with a layer of varnish, but the varnish usually has a certain luster. When the texture paint is constructed, it is impossible to achieve the same surface roughness of all parts, and some parts are relatively smooth, but after the varnish is covered, the surface luster can be improved and the degree of blooming can be deepened.

Solution: spray construction shall be used as far as possible when covering the surface. If roll coating is used, roll coating shall be uniform. During the construction of textured paint, the surface generally has different film-forming and density. When the varnish is covered, it will add heavy textured hair, so do not cover the surface too thick. It should be noted that the construction must be carried out after the texture paint is completely dry. Because the sealing of varnish is good, if the texture paint is not dry, the surface will make the moisture and additives in the texture paint volatilize and make the texture paint film empty and foaming. Try to use varnish with low gloss or extinction when selecting finish varnish.

212 peeling, cracking, hollowing, pulverizing and falling off

The aggregate of textured paint is sand, which is much thicker than the film of emulsion paint. Some problems are easily caused when the construction is improper or the product quality is not good. First of all, when the base maintenance is not up to the standard, the construction of the texture paint on the insulation base or on the sunny side and the wind is strong will make the surface of the texture paint dry too fast and seal the base moisture and additives inside without volatilizing, resulting in hollowing, peeling and cracking of the texture paint layer. When the temperature is too low, the construction will make the textured paint unable to form film or the film forming is not good, which will cause problems and hidden dangers in the project. Although some additives can reduce the minimum film-forming temperature of the textured paint, when the temperature is too low, the film cannot be formed or the film-forming is not good, and the weatherability of the textured paint is particularly poor, which is prone to pulverization and falling off.

Solution: during the construction of texture paint, try to avoid direct sunlight or operation on windy surface. Construction is not allowed when the ambient temperature is lower than 5 ℃. Construction in winter shall be avoided as far as possible.

3 conclusion

Texture paint is used more and more in the project, which brings people beautiful appearance. At the same time, we should strictly control the quality of the project and reduce the engineering problems to the lowest point. First, the preliminary budget of a project should be in place to solve the possible problems in the bud; secondly, a construction team with excellent technical level and professional quality should be established to ensure the final quality of the project; thirdly, the products with good quality should be selected and the supporting products should be used as much as possible. The construction should be carried out according to the construction process of the products. When the supporting products are not used, relevant technologies should be timely used People communicate to minimize risk. Once there is a problem in the textured paint project, it is difficult to repair, so we can only find out the cause of the problem and construct again. The loss caused by all this is immeasurable, so in order to ensure the quality of texture engineering, we must think more and do more to strictly control the quality.

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